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Published on September 24, 2008 By Cedarbird In Blogging

Today at work my boss came to me and said, "I called a meeting at seven thirty, so finish your jobs fast.  We have some problems."


Come to find out that the school got a huge budget cut, and affects my boss because he has to cut back on hours that his students can work.  WE FREAKING CLEAN TOILETS!  FOR CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!!


Here's the deal.  Every day my boss has about 18 hours to divide between his employees.  We use about 16.  His hours have now been cut back to 14.  A day.  Translates to about ten and a half hours a week, gone.  That's the entirety of my job.  Ten hours a week.


Though my job isn't at risk, we're all probably going to lose at least fifteen minutes of pay each day.  All of us have rent, car payments, school, books, food, those luxuries.  And now less pay.  And not only that, but in this town, there really are no jobs to be had!  And the ones that are available require training, like CNA's or preschool teachers.


I always heard about the job crisis, but I figured that students like me were safe, you know, that because it's a school they'd always have money.

Never anticipated Mr. Huntsman would cut a University's budget.  And if they raise tuition any more, we won't be able to pay up.  This is so sad.


All I know is that I have a car payment, and if I don't get these paychecks, I won't be able to pay it, which scares me.


I'll figure it out, I hope.

on Sep 24, 2008

Welcome to my world. While I am not in a position where my hours and/or paycheck are being cut down, I too worry about the idea of not being able to pay my bills (which I already have issues with) and not finding even part time jobs to fill in the gaps.

on Sep 24, 2008

The trustees here just raised our room and board costs by 5%...because you know, when there's a failing economy you just NEED to raise prices on something.

Not to mention tuition raises pretty much every year these days.




on Sep 24, 2008

Not to mention tuition raises pretty much every year these days.

My school raised tuition more than any other school in our state.  Now this.

Needless to say, I think I'm voting AGAINST Gov. Huntsman this time around.