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June 25, 2008 by Cedarbird
Yes, this is a spammer, but I couldn't resist.

Maybe I should be naming this articles "Would You Ever..."

After hearing about shaved heads , new piercings, and tattoos, I'm curious.  What have you thought of doing but would never do?

Me for example, partly because of my religion and partly because I'm just a big chicken would never do a lot of things.  I know some of you would, but what wouldn't you do?

I would/have never...

1. Shave my head.  I've always wondered w...
February 9, 2008 by Cedarbird
Ah, February fourteenth, the most pointless day in all of existence. The only holiday that has even less point that Labor day; it is a day dedicated to admiring those in relationships. It is a day set aside by advertising executives to force poor, unsuspecting, lovesick men into spending ungodly amounts of money on shiny things for their significant others.

Why do I hate Valentines' Day, you ask?

...Because I never get to celebrate it.

Oh, wait, I did last year. Baby's first V-day. ...
December 11, 2007 by Cedarbird
Yet another mindless blurb by the Cedarbird. Sorry about that.

So, I just took my four hour Math final in a mere three hours. Yay for me. Meh.
I don't know, I'm a broadcasting major, and they made me take Statistics. I asked, pleaded, begged both my teacher and her aid for an example concerning when a radio deejay will ever need to hypothesis test between the standard deviations of two or more populations. You know what they both said? "Never."

Why did I need to take that class? Wa...
October 24, 2007 by Cedarbird
All right, I'll grant you that this isn't exactly the most intellectually stimulating topic, but I'm dying to know what everyone is going to be for Halloween. There's a big party here Friday night, and my friends are still trying to decide what they are going to be. This makes me wonder two things:

1. How old do you think is too old to dress up and party for this holiday?
2. What are you going to be for Halloween?

I love this holiday, so if late teens is too old to dress up, then I w...
October 19, 2007 by Cedarbird
Okay, here's the deal. I am in college, and I have a lot of friends. I also have unlimited text messaging, and hours of free time in a day to use it. So why, may I ask, do I only get text messages when I'm in class and I can't respond? And for some reason, they always come during math. That class is the bane of my existence, but I digress. For example, yesterday, I was sitting in class, falling asleep (because of course I don't get the eight hours of sleep a night that I realize I need), a...