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I'm a girl, get over it...
Published on September 12, 2008 By Cedarbird In Dating

So about two and a half weeks ago, I was with the college radio station at our university's club fair.  At the table next to me was one of my classmates and a friend of his.  Out of laziness, the classmate will be called T and the friend will be called D from here on.

The first time I meet D, he starts making fun of me. I have very prominent veins, a phlebotomist's dream arm.  He is immediately attracted to these veins, I think he might be a vampire.  Anyway, I want to kill this kid for teasing me.

Later that week, I walk into the radio station and who do I find but T and D, doing an airshift together.  For some reason unbeknownest to me to this very day, we all start hanging out.  It's actually pretty fun.  After T went to class, D and I hung out for like, four hours, just goofing off because we happen to have very similar senses of humor.

After I go home that night, I get a mystery text,  "Hey, it's D.  I got your number from T, I know, creepy, right?"

Kind of.  But flattering.

Then I go home for Labor Day.  You can ask SanCho, D and I were texting practically nonstop all weekend long.  Stupid SanCho.  He's the one who informed me that I have a crush on this kid.  After the holiday, I decide I want to introduce this kid to Supernatural, because he'd never seen it.  Naturally, because it's an awesome show, I converted him.

The second evening of late night Supernatural he informs me that he likes me a lot and wants to date me.  *whimper*  I've been burned enough that I'm very nervous about this prospect.  I mean, I liked him a lot, and was scared to screw it up and get hurt again.  So I was honest with him and told him that I didn't know if I wanted a relationship right now.  He was very sweet, telling me that it's okay, that he'll wait until I'm no afraid anymore.

Anyway, after all the sweetness and to make a long story short, Cedarbird has a new boyfriend.  A person who, by the way, is a bigger geek than her.  And I love it.  He calls me adorable and amazing.  He likes my nerdiness.  He likes my intelligence, and my love of Star Wars.  All the things I was once ashamed of I'm complimented on.

He wants to teach college English and be a writer.  I want to talk for a living.

I hope it works out, that neither of us screw this up, because we both see the potential of our relationship.  And both of us have messed up in the past.  We're both so scared it's almost funny, or it would be if it wasn't so scary.

But I'm happy.

He makes me laugh everyday.

He treats me with respect.

He likes me for me, not just because he saw some cute girl.  And we get along GREAT.

I hope it lasts. 

on Sep 12, 2008

No comments.  Not that I expect anyone to be interested in stupid stuff like relationships when we have an election looming!


I just wanted to share the happy. 

on Sep 12, 2008



on Sep 12, 2008

Here's D on youtube

on Sep 12, 2008

Yay!  Young love

on Sep 12, 2008

The Love Bug'll gethca if ya don't watch out. :~D


Is there anything more nauseatingly awesome than geeks in love? 

on Sep 12, 2008

Nice!!!! And I do like that he is "geeky". I hope you have many happy days together.

on Sep 12, 2008

Geeks are the BEST.  I think they're a totally underrated type of guy, unfortunately for them.


on Sep 13, 2008

He likes me for me, not just because he saw some cute girl.

Probably both!

on Sep 13, 2008

I never liked country music....


Thanks guys!  I sure think he's awesome.  Except, you know the kind of couple in high school that was so cute you wanted to kill them?  Yeah, that's us.  We're working on fixing that problem, because if it was other people, we'd want to kill them.  We're too cute.

on Sep 13, 2008

Congrats sis.  Hope this works out for the best.

on Sep 13, 2008


Glad you made a connection.

Take it slow girly. 

on Sep 13, 2008

Except, you know the kind of couple in high school that was so cute you wanted to kill them? Yeah, that's us.

I hate you already.

on Sep 13, 2008

I hate you already.


I told you we're working on it.

We also have this whole "only-see-each-other-on-weekends" thing going's pretty special.