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September 24, 2008 by Cedarbird
Today at work my boss came to me and said, "I called a meeting at seven thirty, so finish your jobs fast.  We have some problems."


Come to find out that the school got a huge budget cut, and affects my boss because he has to cut back on hours that his students can work.  WE FREAKING CLEAN TOILETS!  FOR CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!!


Here's the deal.  Every day my boss has about 18 hours to divide between his employees.  We use about 16.  His hours ...
May 27, 2008 by Cedarbird
I'll be the first to admit, I'm a big nerd.  I love Buffy, Angel, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, I'm a geek.

With that said, let's get to the main point.

Iwent to go see Prince Caspian with my family for Memorial Day.  Havingseen the trailers, I greatly anticipated two full hours of watching BenBarnes.  Little did I know.

I heard a review on the radio, where a MAN who interview Barnes said, "I got lost in his eyes."  A straight man said this.

With my mother on one ...
May 22, 2008 by Cedarbird
I'm nineteen.I just finished my first year at college, and I've decided that I want to get a car because I was so sick of mooching off other people for rides to, um, the store. Or....home.
So, I started looking. Went to used car dealers that bank at my bank, so I know they'll give me a good deal. Yes, I'm manipulative, I don't care.My price range was between 6 and 7000 dollars. Found a'cute' little 2002 Toyota Echo that they were asking, oh 7995 for. Found a couple of Hyundai Accents, but ...
May 2, 2008 by Cedarbird
I'm done with school for the year.  I'm back home for the summer, oh, this'll be fun.


See, I have this problem.  I make my mother cry. I don't mean to, but...I do it anyway, all the time.  See, I'm kind of sarcastic, right?  And she's uber sensitive about...everything.  So, no matter what I say, or how I say it, I can't go a whole day without bringing tears to her eyes.  This is why I didn't want to go home.  I wanted to stay at school, forever, wi...
April 26, 2008 by Cedarbird
Okay, here's the deal.  I'm sick of being condemned for my political views.  I don't care if everyone here is a republican, conservative, facist, whatever.  It's none of my business.  Furthermore, you do not have the right to label me a sinner because I believe differently than you do, or because I don't like the president of the United States.  What you are doing right now, condemming people for their politics, is an internet witch hunt.  It happened in Salem, it h...
April 26, 2008 by Cedarbird
I found out on that crazy MySpace that today, April 26, is Zoo's birthday! So....




Happy birthday, Zoo!


I hope 20 will treat you well and you have the best year of your life!!!
April 25, 2008 by Cedarbird
I have two addictions.  One I'm getting over, the other I will never be rid of.

1.  I accidentally got hooked on Excedrin Migraine.  I didn't mean to, but it's the only thing that would take away my headaches.  Then if I didn't take it, I'd get one.  I finally figured it out, though.  I was addicted to the caffeine.

I've been sober for three weeks, now.  Not a stitch of caffeine in that long.  I have a headache, and I took four Tylenol and three Ad...
April 25, 2008 by Cedarbird
Okay, so because of all of this I hear about Jack Bauer vs. Buffy, I'm curious  out of these couples, and any other you can think of, who would win?  I don't just want physical fights, but matches of intelligence of wit, as well.




Buffy vs. River (Serenity)

The Winchester brothers of Supernatural vs. The Buffy gang (minus Buffy, of course, because Buffy could kill them)

Ninja vs. Pirate

Evil Dead zombies vs. Dawn of the Dead zombies vs. I am L...
March 13, 2008 by Cedarbird
Oh, well.  I didn't get the job.  I got my letter earlier,  Dear ******, Thank you for applying, we're so impressed with all of our applicants, unfortunately, we can not offer you a job as a resident assistant at this time.  Better luck next time.

Oh well, I'll get over it.  Right?  I mean, it's not like I expected to get it, I blew my interview and my former boss gave me a three sentence letter of reccommendation.  Meh. 


Who wants to wor...
February 18, 2008 by Cedarbird
So, um, I know that this new Joe User is supposed to be all fancy and better, but being as computer illiterate as I am, I don't think I like it as well.  Honestly, though I used the forums more than the websites, I like how everyone had their own little space and we could find out stuff about them.  It was nice. 

Now, I really don't know a whole lot about the internet and the technical side of JU, but I kind of miss the old one.

Will the other features come back ever?

January 16, 2008 by Cedarbird
Since I've only been here for a little while, I was wondering if you guys could answer a few questions for me.

1. How do I put a picture from, say, my saved pictures onto a blog?
2. How do I put a video onto a blog?
3. How do you make a link that has, not the URL, but the title, or something else fancy like that?

And any other little computer savvy tips you can bestow upon a person who had to have her big brother set up an instant messaging system on her computer..

Thanks, everyone!